Transformation, Part 2.

Transformation, Part 2: The Changing Party Line, World War Three, and the Locomotive Report

Part Two of the Transformation cycle, entitled: “The Changing Party Line, World War Three and the Locomotive Report” shows the Soviet Union’s role in provoking World War Two – with the well-known tragic consequences for Russia. The movie also discusses the methods and effects of communist infiltration of the West without whose continuous help the criminal and ineffective system couldn’t survive. With wholehearted cooperation of the West’s “useful idiots” the Soviets manage to build the biggest military machinery in the history of humankind. At the turn of the 1930s and 40s the Red Army has more offensive weapons – tanks, airplanes, submarines, and paratroopers – than all the world’s armies put together. The victory of “world revolution” seems both feasible and close.

Directed by: Grzegorz Braun
Year of release: 2013
Duration: 57 minutes
Genre: documentary