Transformation, Part 1.

Transformation Part 1: NEP, TRUST AND deaf blind.

The first part Fri “NEP Trust and deaf blind” the genesis and consequences of the bloody communist coup in Russia. It shows how in the years 20 and 30 Twentieth century, Lenin, Trotsky, Dzerzhinsky, Stalin and their partners work out methods of disinformation, provocation and extermination – “regular variations of the game,” which will be applied to all going out on the road to victory “world revolution”. “The greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century” – as the collapse of the Soviet Union, described the Russian president, former KGB colonel Putin [2005]. To grasp the essential meaning of these words, and to assess the actual size of the disaster, you need to go back to the beginnings of the most murderous system of government in history. Directed by: Gregory Braun.