Kibol (Football Hooligan)

Football Hooligan directed by Tadeusz Śmiarowski

In Tadeusz Śmiarowski’s 2011 documentary movie “Kibol” (a derogatory Polish term for a football hooligan) soccer fans are given an opportunity to defend themselves. They present their point of view. The director managed to penetrate the otherwise insular world of football fans, talking to people who habitually prefer to stay out of the limelight. At first, Tadeusz Śmiarowski’s interviewees were distrustful of his intentions, fearing that their words might be distorted and wrenched out of context as it had been invariably done before by the media. Finally, however, he earned their trust.

“Kibol” is a movie that does away with stereotypes. We learn, for instance, that football fans’ societies do charity work, cultivate historical memory, and make stadiums a safe place for all, with far fewer riots flaring up there than in other countries. As it happens, the film’s soccer fans do not talk much about soccer – more about what being a fan means to them. Not a single player’s name is mentioned. Instead, the club and its colors are in the foreground. This film opens many windows!

Directed by: Tadeusz Śmiarowski
Year of release: 2011
Duration: 41 minutes
Genre: documentary