Eugenics. In the Name of Progress

Eugenics. In the Name of Progress – a Grzegorz Braun film

A documentary showing the emergence of eugenics in the United States and its influence on the West’s 20th-century intellectual and political elites, including Adolf Hitler. A pseudo-science created in the 19th century, eugenics focuses on “perfecting” the human race. According to eugenicists only the healthy and creative individuals should be allowed to reproduce whereas the ill, the disabled, and the racially-unfit (i.e. prostitutes, the poor, and beggars) ought to be forbidden to breed. The film opens our eyes to the underlying truth about movements propagating abortion and other indirect aspects of eugenics. The documentary offers a controversial thesis that today’s genetics, abortions, and euthanasia all spring from that infamous science.

Directed by: Grzegorz Braun
Opening year: 2010
Duration: 57 minutes
Genre: documentary